Your Guide to Signing Up

You can apply for car insurance online .
We will show you the procedures to signing up.

1. Inquiries

After you decided the vehicle and its type whether for it´s purchase or lease, click the button down below to open the “Auto Insurance Form A” page for applying and requesting a quote.

※In case of problems with sales contract or taking delivery of new vehicle, we recommend you to take out the lawyer insurance policy before signing up the car insurance contract.

2. Quote

We will send you a quote and eVB*, which will be needed at the registration, based on the given informations. Please note that we might ask you for No Claim Records or a copy of driver´s licence if necessary.

*Electronic insurance confirmation

3. Decide the Coverage

You can decide your coverage after checking the estimate. Please send us an email with your decision. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the coverage, please feel free to contact us.

4. Send an Application Form and Register the Car

You will receive an application form (Form B) from Jcom. Meantime register your car at the registry office. After completing the registration, please send us the following documents by email.

  1. Application Form B (with your signiture and bank account number)
  2. Copy of vehicle registration document (Zulassungsbecheinigung Teil I)
  3. Original No Claim Record (by post)

5. Insurance Conclusion

After we checked all the documents, we will smoothly proceed to application. Then, within a few weeks, the insurance policy (Versicherungsschein) and the premium invoice (Beitragsabrechnung) will be delivered to your house. After that, the insurance premium will be deducted from your bank account.

* The insurance period for the first year is from the date of registration to December 31 of that year, and the contract will be automatically renewed every year thereafter.

The insurance is valid from the registration.

Apply / Quote / Inquiry

Apply and get a quote within only 3 minutes.
We will support you comprehensively, from the questions like „How much does my insurance cover?“ to „How can I claim the reimbursement when accident occured?“. Feel free to contact us.