Calculating Car Insurance Premium

We calculate insurance premium according to your lifestyle and conditions.

Our examples of insurance premium


Factors that affect insurance premium


Car model and model year

Insurance premium varies depending on which car model and model year you choose.
The frequency of accidents caused by the same model in Germany in the previous year also affects insurance premiums.


Compensation details

In Germany, there are mandatory liability insurance and optional insurance.
Premium varies depending on the insurance to be added. Please see „Car Insurance Coverage” for details of compensation .


Area of residence

Insurance premium varies depending on the frequency of accidents happened in your area in the previous year.


Annually planned mileage

Insurance premium is calculated according to the mileage.


Driver‘s range

Insurance premium varies depending on the range of people covered by insurance. If you are under the age of 23 and become a driver, your insurance premium will increase.


Presence of children under 16

You might get discounted if you have children.

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