Car Insurance Coverage

Mandatory Insurance

Liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung)

Compensation will be paid in the event of injury or death to another person (personal compensation) or damage to another person’s car or property (object compensation) or legal liability for damages due to an accident in a contracted vehicle.

Here are some examples of compensation.

• While driving my car, I accidentally collided with a car in front of me, damaging the rear bumper.
→The car repair fee will be compensated.

• When I stopped my car and opened the door to get out, a bicycle came and collided with the door. The bicycle was damaged.
→The bicycle repair costs will be covered.

Compensation Limit:
There will be a maximum total compensation of €100 Mio per.
Accident and also, a maximum of €15 Mio per person for personal injuries.
Optional insurance

Comprehensive Insurance (Kaskoversicherung)

It is the insurance which covers damages to your car.
Compensation is paid when your car is damaged by accident or natural disaster, or when it is stolen.

There are two types of insurance, the all-risk and partial cover.
However, damage caused by engine trouble or other failures are not covered.

Partial Cover (€150 deductible)

Accidents that can be covered:

• Damage to the window glass due to flying stones, etc.
• Damage to the car body due to fire
• Theft (including all parts of the car body or only specific parts such as seats)
• Damage to the car body due to storms, lightning strikes and hail (flood)
• Damage to the car body due to contact with wild animals such as deer and wild boar
• Cable damage due to bites of wild animals such as weasels

All-Risk Cover (€150 deductible)

What is deductible?
The amount you pay for insurance when receiving compensation.
For example, if you claim for a windshield replacement cost of €1000 due to stepping stones, you will have to pay €150 and the remaining €850 will be paid by the insurance company.

In addition to all of the above coverages, the following accidents with no or unknown counterparty are also covered.

• Accidently touching or colliding with another vehicle while driving
• Graffiti damage while parking
• Accidently hit a wall or guardrail while driving
• In case of the car damage in hit-and-run, and the other party cannot be identified

→ you get companstaion for the repair costs of your own vehicle.

Roadside Assistance (Schutzbrief)

We will provide assistance in emergency situations such as battery failure, flat tire, locked keys, theft of the vehicle or accidents preventing you from driving on your own.

If you need assistance in Germany or throughout Europe, our insurance company’s specialists are available 24 hours a day.

Passenger Accident Insurance (Insassenunfall)

The insurance pays out if the driver or passenger is killed or permanently disabled in an accident. In this case, liability is not relevant to compensation.

Compensation Limit:

In case of death €100,000
In the event of permanent disability €200,000

Traffic Legal Expense Insurance (Verkehrs-Rechtsschutzversicherung)

In the event of a car accident, opposing claims might collide between the involved parties. It is common in Germany to negotiate insurance claims through a lawyer, which will lead you to a smoother solution. In such cases, the insurance will cover legal fees.

*In Germany, if you become a victim in a car accident, it is prohibited by law for your insurance company or Jcom (insurance broker) to negotiate directly with the other insurance company.

Deductible: €150

Legal expense insurance covers, in addition to the above traffic accidents, also problems related to personal life and rent contract.
The insurance is valid in Germany and all of Europe.