What to Do in Case of an Accident

Please contact Jcom first

Please contact Jcom immediately when an accident happened ( regardless of which accident, e.g. personal injury, objects, or self-damage ) .
Jcom Business Hours: Weekdays 9:00-17:00
Within Germany: 06172 850194-0
From outside Germany: +49 (0) 6172 850194-0
Email: info@jcom-ins.de *For inquiries, please have your insurance policy number ready to present (Versicherungs Nr / Insurance Policy No.).
*If you have an accident at night or on a day off, please leave a message on our answering machine.
Personal, object accident (liability insurance)

If you become a perpetrator ( 100 % negligence on yourself)

Tell the other party ( victim ) your name, contact details, insurance company name and policy number and ask to contact your insurance company directly.

f you become a victim ( 100 % negligence on the other party)

Ask for the other party´s (perpetrator´s) name, contact details, insurance company name, and policy number and claim compensation from their insurance company.
Do not apologise. If you apologige, you may be held liable.

In case of an accident, we reccomend that you take out a traffic legal expense insurance!

In Germany, as in Japan, it is prohibited by law* for anyone other than a qualified lawyer to negotiate a settlement for a traffic accident, so that insurance companies and agents cannot negotiate with the other party on your behalf, regardless of liability.
(* From Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz – RDG (Lawyers’ Remuneration Act) § 2, § 3)

If the other party´s car is from another country – which is not uncommon in continental Europe – or if the accident is caused by a third party, we cannot handle the accident directly. In such cases, consulting a lawyer or requesting settlement negotiations can help to ensure a smooth resolution of the accident.

When it is unclear whether you are the perpetrator or the victim (Liabilty is undeciable)

Contact the police immediately and request them to come to the scene. Give a police officer details about the accident. Exchange names, contact details, insurance company name and policy number with the other party involved in the accident so that you can always make a contact later.

Damage to public facilities (road shoulders, guardrails, traffic signs, roadside trees, etc.), third-party property (garages, gates, walls, etc.), parked cars

Contact the police immediately. If you leave the place, it will be considered as a hit-and-run case and as a crime.

* If you are the victim and only know the license plate of the other party ( perpetrator ) , contact the following. The insurer of the perpetrator can be identified.

Grünekarte eV / (030) 20 20 5757
  1. a.Name
  2. b.Address (Anschrift)
  3. c.Phone number (Telefonnummer)
  4. d.License plate (Kennzeichen)
  5. e.Insurance company name / insurance policy number (Versicherer /Versicherungsnummer)

*Please always carry your insurance service card ( Schaden-Service-Card ) in your car. Since all necessary information is described there, you can give it to the other party in the event of an accident, which will make communication much easier.

Self-Inflicted Accident (Vehicle Insurance)

If you have vehicle insurance, repair costs will be covered depending on the situation.