Service Policy

Motor Insurances

There are a lot of diverse needs of a global company in Europe, including sales strategy, finance, human resources, and administration. Business insurance is one of the most essential areas.

We offer a full range of consulting services to help you identify the potential risks associated with your business and hedge them with insurance in case of emergency.

Insurance is a field that is often left to specialists because of its technical details and complexity, but we go one step further and focus on services that help management understand the risks themselves as clearly as possible.

In addition to our risk consulting services, we also provide office management services (in various fields such as employment, general administration, daily accounting, etc.) and comprehensive services for expatriates.

In a foreign country where information tends to be scarce, we hope to provide an environment that can support a wide range of business fields that are difficult to understand and unique to Europe.

We provide risk consulting services as your risk management department, in line with your business and products.

Risk Consulting Services

Insurance Design

1.We propose insurance coverage that matches the substance of the risk.

2.Use our expertise to arrange the best insurance cover at the most reasonable cost in the insurance market.

3.We provide consulting services with the full support of the insurance companies we deal with in Japan.

Follow-up services

1.Provision of information on trends in the insurance market and proposals based on such information.

2.Periodic review of insurance contents. Management of policy term, conditions and premium rates.

3.We support claims handling in case of loss. Discussion of countermeasures with insurance companies.

Implementation of consulting

In order to provide risk consulting services for your company (comprehensive management of insurance business), it is common to conclude an insurance broker power of attorney (Versicherungsmaklervereinbarung), which is a kind of insurance consulting contract. This enables us, as an experienced insurance specialist, to formally negotiate and discuss terms and rates with the insurance company in the interest of the policyholder.

Even if you change brokers, there will be no change in insurance premiums as a result of the mandate.

What Jcom cares about

  •  Local service from Frankfurt, emphasis on face-to-face contact with your company
  •  Easy-to-understand support in Japanese and provision of peripheral information
  •  Risk management seminars for your staff